Move the Ball draws the parallels between football and life. The two are very similiar in that the principles needed to win the game of football are the same principles needed to win the game of life. All sports highlight the importance of teamwork and leadership. But other sports don’t teach you about being aware of the blindsidefocusing on getting the next first downthinking before you punt, and more. These are some of the unique principles that football shows us and each of these strategies are applicable both on and off the football field. No matter what the situation, football provides you with the tools necessary to scramble through a field of defenders, move the ball forward, get into the end zone, and achieve life’s goals.

Accomplishing life’s goals comes down to this: hard work, teamwork, discipline, and dedication. In both scenarios, these principles build the conviction to drive that ball into your end zone and score. Defenders on your personal field intentionally want to stop the ball and limit your movement. You must recognize these defenders exist and have a plan to outmaneuver them. This book teaches you how to recognize the blitz, adjust to the blitz, and beat the blitz.

Both in football and life, the players need to define the goals, invent the playbook, and execute the plays. Move the Ball draws upon the football playbook to show you how to do this and realize your dreams. Great players don’t settle for being ordinary. They have a strong belief in themselves and strive to be extraordinary. They have M.A.D. P.R.I.D.E. This book shows you how you can use the principles of football and the eight elements of M.A.D. P.R.I.D.E. to overcome any obstacle and win.

The time is now to realize greatness. Are you ready to move the ball? 


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