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How Determination is the Answer to Reaching your Goals.

When you look at the people that you have admired throughout your life, have you ever wondered how they have accomplished everything? While people’s stories and specific circumstances will be different, at the heart of their success is their determination.

Determined people reach greatness in life because they know no boundaries. They understand that limits only exist in their minds and they make the conscious decision to be limitless. They choose to be fearless in the pursuit of what excites their soul. These people know that no matter what life throws their way, they will keep on swinging. And importantly, they don’t lose sight of the end game.

Determination is what will allow you to overcome all the barriers that hinder your path to success. I want you to ask yourself, how strong is your resolve?

Great leaders and great players in the game of life keep on going despite the roadblocks they may face. They don’t let anger, frustration, and disappointment deter them when things don’t go as intended. Instead they control their emotions, make adjustments, and figure out what the next play in their playbook needs to be.

How important are each of your goals? How bad do you want them? In other words, how determined you are to achieve those goals? If it’s truly important to you, then you can’t waver in your determination and you can’t stop working on them until you cross the goal line.

Earlier this week I had the privilege of working with a former NFL linebacker and his sales team. One point that I discussed was the criticality of consistency in our day-to-day actions. Consistency is key!

Determination, along with your consistency, is what will lead you to accomplishment and success. By being consistent and relentless with your efforts, you will find that outcomes will start to change in your life.

People get discouraged because they expect immediate results right after they have made positive changes. It doesn’t work that way. There has to be consistency in your behavior and your performance over time. That’s when you are able to realize success.

Remember, it is your daily routines that ultimately shape your reality. Stay focused on your goals and be sure to take consistent action. You deserve everything that you want in life. So now it’s time for you to move the ball forward and get it across the goal line.

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