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The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.


ARE YOU STUCK? So many of us are fixated on what has happened in the past and we let that past carry over into the present. All that does is suck up energy that we should be using to create our future. The door IS CLOSED. Stop looking at it. Stop stressing over it. Stop losing sleep over it. If that door no longer opens, it’s not your door anymore. Guess what? It’s ok. LET IT GO! The past has happened. New doors will open if you let them.

Often times in life we remain fixated on things of the past...We wish we still had a relationship with someone, a business opportunity, etc. Most of these doors have now transformed into a wall, so stop banging on it hoping to make it a door again. Accept it and move on. Time does not always heal the pain of a door shutting, but acceptance can. Keep in mind that acceptance does not mean you agree with, condone, appreciate or even like what has happened. Acceptance means you know, regardless of the situation, there is something bigger than you at work and that things will be ok. Instead of wasting time and effort on things of the past, recognize it’s time to move on and focus your energy on getting through new doors that are opening in front of you. Remember, you hold the keys. You can keep trying to jam a broken key into an old door or you can focus on the shiny keys on your keychain & use them to open shiny new doors that lead to great places.

You can’t change what has already occurred but you do have the power to shape your future. So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to remain stuck in what once was or are you going to dominate the day by taking control of the present? It’s time for you to elevate your hustle and get to moving forward.

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