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Need help moving your team forward?

Business Consulting

As a former corporate professional who held executive level positions in multiple Fortune 100 companies and industries, Jen brings a diverse perspective to any business conversation. Jen is available to serve as a business consultant and will provide her business expertise along with powerful daily, weekly, and monthly practices that can improve the company’s performance and take your business to the next level.

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Virtual Training

Move The Ball

Leadership Training


Virtual Training Needs? In today's environment, many senior leaders are facing situations of uncertainty where their employees are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and concerned about the future. Employees are continually wondering how they can achieve heightened and continued growth, as well as success and balance in their life especially during a pandemic. They are looking not only for new ways to get into a productive routine, improve their mindset, and preserve their mental wellbeing, but they also want real skills and methods for holistically improving their work-family situation when the lines are blurred with remote work and no clear separation between the work-day and family life.

Jen has been working with senior leaders on how to solve these problems and her virtual training sessions help organizations by addressing these topics:


  • Managing and Staying Connected to Remote Employees & Teams 

  • Navigating Through Change and Achieving Higher Productivity & Performance

  • Helping Employees Achieve Balance and Well-Being in the "New Norm"

  • Transitioning Back to the Workplace from a Remote Work Environment

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Organizations will often move in and out of high performance. In today’s environment, many senior leaders are fighting disengaged or underperforming organizational cultures, or situations of uncertainty where their employees are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and concerned about the future.

The Move the Ball™ Leadership Development Program helps leaders transform cultures within their organization so their employees and teams can be healthy, productive, high performing, and reach a greater level of excellence. The strategies and habits provided in these trainings are actionable, repeatable, scalable, and sustainable so that organizations and individuals can reach that long-term excellence they are seeking.

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Move The Ball

Strategic Planning


Success in the business world requires playing the business game on “offense” – which includes having a more effective strategy and execution plan than your competition.  A strategy that allows you to get across the goal line and score more often than the competition.  Winning involves not only identifying solid business objectives, but also successful strategies and a identifying a strong playbook that will move the ball forward. Once that playbook is customized to fit your teams makeup, then solid execution is what is needed to achieve benchmarks/goals. Through a series of strategic planning sessions, Jen will provide a framework and tools that can help enable your executive team and organization to operate more effectively, outperform your competition, achieve operational excellence, and realize desired business outcomes.

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Move The Ball



These workshops are designed to be a deeper dive within an organization where Jen takes the best in team building, team learning and team excellence and blends them with her sports-related motivational concepts and techniques to help build strong, productive and motivated teams. At the end of these workouts, teams will have a refined playbook of action plans to move the ball forward and get them across the goal line.

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Jennifer’s focus on delivering quality motivational content and training to get individuals “fired up” and ready to step up their game in the professional and personal setting. At the end of these events, people will be inspired to level-up and perform at their very best every single day.

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If you’re thinking of decreasing your employee training budget, you’re definitely in the minority. In 2019, 40% percent of companies increased their training budgets, while a full half maintained their current budgets vs. the year prior.  With opportunities for career growth and professional development becoming the most important workplace policy for companies, let Jen's vast knowledge of the corporate landscape within various functional disciplines assist your company in one of the following areas:

  • Career Navigation & Development

  • Personal Branding, Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

  • Leadership

  • Business Networking

  • Stress Management

  • Time Management

  • Effective Business and Personal Communications and Writing

  • Product Marketing

  • Strategic Thinking & Growth

  • Employee Engagement

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