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A Question You Should Be Asking Yourself

One simple question you should be continually asking yourself is: Do I have the mental, emotional, and physical energy needed to feel good, be happy, feel vital, and perform at my best each and every day?

Wherever that question leads you, do the work of optimizing your health. Life opens another level of feeling and joy and progress to those who take care of their mind and body. I think every single person alive should visit their doctor on a routine basis and also see a nutritionist and physical therapist, even for just one session. You should ask how you can optimize every area of your health: nutrition, exercise, longevity, disease prevention, mobility, brain function, everything. This is something I am continuing challenging my clients on and working with them on improving. If you haven't made optimizing your health a hobby or a full-time passion project, then maybe you should start making this a priority now. You cannot expect to perform at your best if you are not at your best level in all aspects of your health.  For me, I'm incredibly focused in this area because I have so much that I'm juggling. I'm sure you see all the crazy stuff I do and how I am always on the move. To ensure that I am able to perform at my optimal level, I always make sure I have a protein shake with 25 grams of protein every morning and I usually have some combination of blueberries (which are high in anti-oxidants), almond butter, chia and flax seeds, and Greek yogurt.  Focusing on you and your health is not selfish. It is a must if you want to reach greatness. Make YOU a priority starting today!

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