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If You Want More Energy and Joy, Focus on Your Health and Wellness

When most people think of health and wellness, they think of the usual four: sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation. Each of these are very important. But people FORGET that those are just the basics, and that advanced health & wellness practices are actually psychological. This is because most people have never realized that there is a HUGE connection between true wellness and the ability to be resilient (i.e. the ability to handle life's difficulties), get stuff done, connect with other people, and productively and powerfully move the ball forward every day.

Here are some ways to tell if you have strong wellness in your life:

  • You can always be fully present. You can be focused and even positive when life's chaos is causing most people to be distracted, fearful, or disengaged.

  • You stay true to your authentic yourself. You know yourself, and you stay congruent with who you are, even when everyone is pressuring you to be someone else.

  • You have strong, deeply fulfilling relationships with others. Your relationships with the people in your life are vibrant, trusting, and respectful, not stressed and drama-filled.

  • You tackle stressful moments whenever you are faced with them. You don't sweat the small stuff and you don't get freaked out over little things, big things, or bad days.

  • You know how to set real boundaries for yourself. You are playing your game and living your life on your terms, while still meeting the demands life places on you.

You can't perform at your best if you aren't at your best level. So, if you can't say that all of the above is true in your life currently, then make it a priority today to figure out what shifts you need to make so that you can truly have wellness in your life. Wellness is key to being able to move the ball.

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