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Do Your Big Goals Stress You Out

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed by those big goals you have set for yourself? If so, I can relate. I used to feel this way all the time because I was trying to take on too much, in too short of a time. Then that all changed when I decided to focus on smaller changes and it made a huge difference. It’s the smallest change that always makes the greatest impact. So often, we obsess over getting to the finish line as fast as possible. We hold ourselves to an unrealistic standard and add stress instead of approaching our goals mindfully. What if we focused on breaking down that big goal into more manageable pieces, into first down milestones (as I call them), and made getting that next first down our priority instead? All of a sudden those big goals will feel more and more achievable.

Let me explain further. In much of my consulting work and speaking engagements, I often talk about this "next first down" concept (and it's also covered in my Move the Ball book). In American football, teams don't try to get into the end zone on every play. Rather, they focus on the plays they need to run (i.e. the actions they need to take) to get the next first down. In your life, "first downs" represent milestones or mini-goals you can put in place so that you aren't overwhelmed by the larger goal. 

So break it down... WHAT FIRST DOWN MARKERS are you going to set for yourself? Once you have those identified, you need to then be focused on the actions you need to take to get to that next first down. Then the larger goal won't seem as overwhelming. You've got this! 

I'm pulling for you. Keep moving the ball and focus on getting that next first down!

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