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Shift Your Perspective and Your Days Get Better

Let's get honest for a min... During this time, are you having a hard time controlling your perspective?

Try this…

When I’m in a bit of a funk I ask myself, “What is influencing my perspective?” Is it the media I’ve been watching recently? The influencer on Instagram? Is it a past experience that I’m allowing to color my current reality?

By asking myself which factors are contributing to the way I’m feeling, I’m able to take a step back and separate what’s real (the blessings in my life, the resources available to me) versus what I might be making up (a potentially negative future I’ve made up based on nothing more than my imagination).

Here’s some truth to remember- we are in control of three things in life: our mindset, our attitude, and our effort.

That’s it. We get to choose how we lead out in this season. So, what’s it going to be?  Some other questions to help you change your perspective:

1. Am I being grateful?

2. Am I choosing joy?

3. Am I consuming the news in a healthy way?

4. Am I moving my body?

I’m not saying if you shift your perspective all of your pain will go away. Pain is guaranteed, but facing it with the right mindset certainly helps. When you shift your mindset, you will see shifts in your day-to-day and you'll live each day with more intention and with more joy. 

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