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The Decisions I Make Daily to Be My Best Self

Let me ask you a question... How are you showing up daily? For me, every morning, I tell myself that I will suit up, I will show up, and I will move the ball. Now, I recognize that everyday I’m not going to hit the ball out of the park. As much as I sometimes wish I was a robot that could do fifty things at once, I’m only human!! I have days where I’m off and days I’m super productive (I try not to have too many off days, but they happen).

That’s life. It is what it is. Since I’m aware not every day I’m going to feel 100%, I have several things that I do daily, without fail. These choices I make help me to show up the best I can. 

1. I make my bed. You may have heard Admiral McRaven's speech on this where he says if you want to change your life, make your bed. I agree. I like to start my day out with a win, as simple as it is to make your bed. But that’s exactly it. It’s simple and you can start your day easily by doing something productive. 

2. I hydrate. That's right, I drink water. Lots and lots of it.

3. I write down my gratitude. This is a foundation and staple for my life. I use my journal (and my planner) every single day. The act of writing down your gratitude every day has power. Start doing this today. And if you don't have a journal you can make your own (or just go online and pick one up)! But whatever you do, turn this into a habit you do without fail, every day. It makes more of a difference than you’d expect. 

4. I move my body. No exceptions. You don't have to go all out, but it's important to work movement into your routines. This is something I do daily as you need to open up that body in the morning and get that energy pumping.

5. I prioritize my day. Living a life of randomness leads to so much inefficiency and ineffectiveness. I always review my plan for the day each morning and make sure that I prioritize what needs to get done that day. 

6. I push myself. I work to better myself daily. Whether that’s by going one more mile in a run, reading a book that strengthens my leadership skills, or even trying a task that seems intimidating, I am constantly looking for ways to grow.

Push yourself and see what comes of it! Don’t let fear stop you. Let's Go. It's your time to live the life that you want and that you deserve.

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